"20 BUCKS FOR THE LAMBORGHINI" | r/ChoosingBeggars

Joylandi 24-Fev, 2021

"20 BUCKS FOR THE LAMBORGHINI" | r/ChoosingBeggars

Sup guys, today we take a look at some funny posts from r/choosingbeggars, one of which where a guy wants to pay 20 bucks for a lamborghini. enjoy


intro song:

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This is purely satire! Don’t go to these peoples channels. It’s all a joke!


  • With the first one (before the intro of course) chances are they were lying about the kid and were trying to guilt trip them into giving them a dog. If they werent, chances are they would go get a different dog after being told no. You know, unless they are on illegal drugs (idk why thats the first thing i thought of) so yeah, just another -100 braincell person on the internet :)

  • Rip Ryan’s mulet 💀

  • 9:57 even im a furry and i cringe at this

  • Since I live in Texas specifically in San Antonio and the thing that happened that we call “the freeze” it sucked we had no water for weeks my family was lucky to have water but it sucked

  • Whats funnier is that the guy who tried to get a price match mentioned a pricier amazon alternative

  • Yes, I would like an amateur professional artist. Seriously man, those two things can’t exist at the same time

  • I like ur cut G🤣

  • My great uncle has a deep freezer

  • 8:45 As a Texan, I grant everyone permission to roast the hell out of this situation. Even though it’s over, it was bad here.

  • Yo my country BiH :D can I get a shout out

  • No one : Literally no one : Ryan : changes intro every new vid

  • Anyone else play rocket league and totally got clickbaited my the thumbnail

  • 2 bucks for the lambo.

  • Where the real capitalists go 💵💵💵💎💳🏛

  • Yoo what’s up scrub it was a 10/10 video


  • The dog one I'd just say k fine he is 100 million

  • Lol

  • You look like Elijah Wood.


  • I am Bosnian

  • Am I the only person who likes how he says tacos?

  • i got a deep freezer! now u know someone who has a deep freezer😁

  • 3:13 that's from my country

  • How are you gonna try to guilt trip somebody to buy their service dog. Clearly They need it too

  • Anyone have a dig I can pay $0 for

  • bruh

  • so close to 200k subs

  • can anyone else see the millisecond when he's not looking

  • I don’t like the dead AirPods noise

  • Fun Fact: BiH has politics that buy Lamborghinis instead of helping anybody

  • I was in the snow storm

  • Honestly this sounds pretty weird but I like ur gaming chair and roo. The colors mix well together

  • Why doesn’t Scrubby have 2M subs yet? Come on fellas! Lets help Scrubby get to 2M!

  • yo

  • 3:10 wtf, no Bosnian would do that

  • What headphones do you use

  • poggers

  • Who remembers the old intro songs like the internet persona one (idk the name all I remember is it has a line saying “we all got internet personas, internet personas”)

  • I'm in TX and someone I know died in hyperthermic shock in hospital NOONE CARES ABOUT TACOS YOU FAT*SS and my car is stuck in driveway and my oldest brother is acting like a 3 yr old but good its f*cking over also my dad taught me how to negotiate and he has a M5 hi

  • get your mullet back it had like a skater style to it and from a skater, it was kind of sick

  • scrubby bring back the intro song that goes "Nice rack and her ass Brazilian Just turned 21 but my bank's a million I'm a 'lil drunk but it's a helluva feelin' Got so damn high that I'm touchin' the ceilin', yeah Next year's where I'm doing the most Me 'n my team ain't good, we're burning' the toast Gonna flex in my music, not tryna gloat Just tryna save my hard work, you can get in the boat

  • 9:49 me when I lose a game

  • My parents have a deep freezer it cot them $300

  • I didn’t know he had this channel!

  • 9:58 he was down so so so bad

  • I feel so bad that his view count is going down he doesn't deserve that

    • Please don't let him fall


  • *5.695*

  • *he bak*

  • *ok*

  • Lol u look like bryce hall

  • Haven’t watched you’re vids in a while but nice new hair

  • why the gronla bar peanut verson copy him

  • Sheesh scrubby with the fresh cut

  • I was number 7.6k like

  • I'm a damn texan

  • Can someone give my goldfish a mansion

  • Your new desk looks insane!

  • why did he not lik the outro song it was so good

  • i live in texas and it was cold as hell

  • First lazarbeam now you with the mullet

  • 🤛🖐🖐🖐

  • Plz keep the hair style

  • 3:29 scrubby is kanda stupid here,you get free promotion and advertisementt by the WORLD BANK that makes up for the freeloading

  • *kim people are dying*

  • Commenting for the algorithm

  • hair lookin fly

  • Crackhead beggars

  • I love vining in the intro music

  • I like ya cut g

  • I like ur cut g

  • 8.5/10

  • Damn you know your a good UZfirer if you have like 10 verified people in your comments

  • Hmm the sound effect of the phone dying confused me and made me check my battery at the beginning

  • I have a question for ya people. someone with 40k on Instagram asks me to draw him few of his characters for him. In return, he will post it and by doing it he will publish me and give me more followers (mean I'm doing this for free) I told that I want the minimum payment. he refused and probably won't publish me if I'm going to do it now. I made mistake?

  • I like how this man has a g fuel chair

  • 1:20 who likes that vegan teacher anymore

  • Eyyyyyyyy


  • I like your cute g

  • Has anyone noticed, that he has to moon moon and sun moon moon crescent moon moon and sun moon moon crescent moon and orange green

  • scrubby back at it again making everyone happy as always

  • your hair cut is muchbetter

  • Hair short much, but more hair must be short, like old self. (Russian Accent)

  • nooo he cut his hairrrrr

  • Rèeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Selling a dog just like adopt me.

  • Bruh I have diabetes and that first person reeeeeeeeaaaally pushed my buttons

  • I'm vibing with the new cut ryan

  • 2. Mill ????

  • Quick question is there a way for subscribers to submit crazy stories

  • Lol

  • 1:20 that AirPod noise got me😡😂

  • scrubby is starting to look like a tiktok eboy

  • I liked his hair if you did to like this comment

  • Nice haircut dude! 😄


  • Know a couple people at my store lol good video!

  • Like ur cut g