Entitled Karen Calls 911 On Fast Food Workers...

Joylandi 1-Fev, 2021
TLC has decided to bless us again with a show that truly delivers on the stupidity front. Its called insane 911 calls and in this episode a total Karen comes into the drive thru and ends up calling the police and holding up the line because they messed up her order? Its McDonalds karen they always mess up the order. Entitled Karen Calls 911 On Fast Food Workers...
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This is purely satire! Don’t go to these peoples channels. It’s all a joke!

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  • bro you need that Beanie to cover that messed up hair line sue your parents for that one jk I like your vids

  • If someone is calling emergency for that stupid reason, then he/she should be forced to pay penalty.

  • BRUH

  • Oh my Karen’s, the women of America.

    • But not me lol

  • I love how the boy in the car is like: mom what hell are u doing this isnt important to call the police 🤣🤣poor kid

  • I don’t get how some people are so dumb

  • .

  • Why couldn't they just give her the right cheeseburger the first four times? I understand the police are underfunded and their time is limited, and I know this is a stupid thing to waste the police force's time on, but this wouldn't have happened had they given just her the burger. She by no means was in the right, she called the police over a damn cheeseburger, but it would have never happened had she gotten her burger at least one of the four times.

  • 8:06 That sucks *Renagade*

  • One time I called the police cause my sister was being mean

  • Nice Bennie

  • This is the lady from the Karen saga. It wouldn't surprise me

  • Dont press read more What did I say

  • If a cop tries to arrest you for murder just call the cops

  • Nice video

  • If you count a crackhead trying to break into my house or my neighbor trying to kill my dog as stupid reasons to call the feds, then yes, I have called the cops for a dumb reason.

  • The world's greatest Karen: finally a worthy opponent our battle will be legendary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Unsatisfied, no karma whatsoever, that Karen didn't got in trouble for LITTERALLY calling the cop for no reason and got her money back, but hey, I'm not the one who complains.

  • 0:50 he said roast him in the comments but the beanie do be nice

  • POGGG ur close to 5 mill toltal subs on all channel congrats

  • some one is trying to call the cops cause of an home invasion but karen is useing up the line

  • You look like discount m&m with that beanie on

  • If it was socially acceptable I would call all the cops on mc donnalds

  • I didnt call 911 over this because a feeling told me I shouldn't and ya I'm happy I didnt because I would have called it on a mother and a son that doesnt feel well. The mother was just trying to help out her son and I technically heard someone screaming no and crying in another room I seconded guess calling police but didnt since I would have dumb fully did so.

  • Honestly I feel sad your the kids in her car. Imagine your mom being that crazy 🤯

  • Tier 10 Karen alert

  • Karen’s really out hear saying that they need to be protected from having a bad burger and I don’t think your beanie is bad

  • bruh

  • udont look bad in a beanie

  • what i would do give her money well saying she looks like a golem from lord of the rings

  • karen = dog water

  • Why would she just get the burger wrap and she hasn't even took a look at it and she's like oh yeah I got the wrong Burger I need this guy to go to jail like right now

  • I’d roast scrubby for his hat like he said, but I’d rather roast the Karen.

  • She evolved to lvl 100 karen

  • Why are people dumb

  • I would have said "shut it Karen"

  • This is why you gotta teach your kids when to actually call 911.

  • Everyone gangsta till scrubby deos a facecam

  • That one idiotic b#t#h that calls 911, and lies about going to ask them to get the burger right, the first time and just calls the cops because she doesn't care who's life is on the line, as long as they get her damn burgers right, just go to taco bell lady if the burger life ain't treating you right just move to a new one, lady, also sorry for the sass it's just people who are like this needs to seriously think about what they could do rather than what they actually do.😑

    • I might be stupid !!!A LOT OF TIMES!!! more than I can count but I hope that these type of people, change for the better some day and stop kicking our as##s for trying to make them food to eat, oh sorry instead of giving you your burger, I'm going to eat it in front of you and chew and swallow very loudly so you know how much of a pain this is to me, and the other children that I could be giving that too instead of you.

  • Scrubby should collab with @pancho

  • You can tell this Karen used to be a spoiled rich kid

  • fast food workers took it too far

  • The fast food workers took it too far

  • 9:47 boi you like a ... i got nothing

  • the karen sits in her moms basement looking at a bulletin board of places to call the cops on.

  • I work at a mcdonalds and had a karen complain about the maple syrup And im like "uhhhh its 39 cents"

  • you need some sleep

  • Everybody gangsta till the Karen wants a western burger

  • Scrubby: “I was on TLC” Me: “bruh your literally on UZfire...”

  • More agt Auditions make fun of PLEASS

  • The word no: *exists* Karen’s: and I took that personally


  • Its yeah boy swig swag

  • 6:51 I know she is the karen and all but....... would the cops really call 911 (unless it was something localized in the call center) Im just making a joke here but still

  • The 40 dislikes are Karen’s

  • My mom called the cops on my school... I havent been to school in a week

  • 👍👍👍👌👌

  • The fast food workers took it too far

  • haha ryan hare like stoopid

  • Please protect me from the cheeseburger, it’s evolving

  • This is the most American thing ever


  • That kid on the back of the car like mom WTF

  • ...

  • you no she a karen when scrubby has to where a supreme beanie

  • A scrubby you wearing a beanie like my boys scrubby be wearing a beanie like as if he's like I'll get it cuz it's Supreme Gotham

  • Karen's are the reason why the pandemic is still going because they do not like to wear masks

  • I wanna see two Karen's fight. That would be the funniest thing ever

  • bruh he looks like a white Michal Jackson

  • I was literally watching the same video the same day before you uploaded this

  • My name Jeff

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  • me like borger

  • You said to roast you but I wish I had that benne supreme👍

  • I feel sorry for the operator having to explain why this is ridiculous because it’s illegal for the operator to hang up suddenly

  • The police can’t settle civil disputes like food being wrong. All they can do is trespass her off the property if the store wants to.

  • She's worse then the vegan teacher

  • This is why I subbed crazy karens ^^

  • One time I ordered a 4 for 4 at Wendy's and got a bag full of nuggets... my friends also only got nuggets no Frys no burgers no other food BESIDES NUGGETS

  • Well I prank called the cops when I was like 4 and I got my a*s whooped

  • 4K subs away from 2 milli

  • The western barbecue burger from McDonalds slapped

  • Fast food workers took it too far. ;)

  • Is it just me or does scrubby look like a vampire with that one filter on.

  • I’ll call the cops on your baldy-ness

  • Ryan really gotta flex the supreme hat

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  • My name is jeff

  • NOOB you asked me to roast you

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  • I should be 🛌 and i am 💻📱

  • If only there were no karens! If there were none we would be out of this pandemic 👺🤦🙎🧟🕵️

  • "How many arguments would you like to make?" Karens: y e s

  • Quackity looking headass

  • Tbh the western burger comes with vetables lmao

  • I remember when I was 8 my grandma used to take me to McDonald's after school and everytime a karen would stay in the drive thru or take up the line bc they wanted one extra gram of lettuce my grandma would say "woman it's just gram of (insert random thing she wanted) get out of line and go home"

  • this is hilarious

  • Food order is wrong: Karens: Calls police Introverts: This... is... Acceptable

  • If there is a JFK profile pls do ladies and gentleman we got em pls?

  • she is not a karen