Joylandi 26-Fev, 2021

Sup guys, today we take a look at one of the episodes from a tlc show called i love a mamas boy, where a man refuses to move out of his moms house. enjoy!
intro song:
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This is purely satire! Don’t go to these peoples channels. It’s all a joke!

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  • I just realized he hit 2 mil right now. CONGRATS

  • I have a daughter too lol cus I heard what u said at the end of the video she's going to be 2 august 21st

  • Look I know some pepole really really love there moms but why not just buy your own house work hard and then let your mom move in win win everyone’s happy

  • bruh

  • lookin kinda cute scrubdaddy

  • Hey nice video

  • Yeah this is going to be an iconic video I love it

  • G Fuel Gamer chair best gamer chair. What an epic gamer.

  • Roman reings is a heel now

  • I will get old and wrinkly WHY A PIC OF BB TOM HOLLAND??????

  • What i find living with their parents kinda cute

  • Are they steel together????

  • . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Dani 2.0?

  • Bro the is video smacks

  • Are those the arctic 3s or 5s

  • Huh. Would I be considered a mama's boy? I'm extremely close to my mother.

  • Why he end it so quick did he move out are not

  • I have a friend, he’s 31 and he still lives with his parents.

  • i remember the good ol days when scrubby used to be funny,

  • Anyone else sing along with the theme song?

  • Its all fun and games until Scrubby isn't having a good day

  • Pogglers

  • I really wanna know what headset that is

  • Idk why, i think you look similar to one of the minecraft yputubers: crainer

  • scrubby that whole schpeal on "were all getting old so enjoy the ride" that was so inspirational. can I turn that into a quote. I'll give you the credits

  • Keep this intro music

  • did almost 2 million subs and only 50k subs in a week? rip scrubby

  • Scrubby i just now see how you are like peter parker

  • this man needs help

  • “i don’t wanna move out cuz of the stress” boy that’s why some of us moved out in the first place😂 STRESS

  • Tbf im going to live with my dad until he dies, my mum died when I was 16 and my dad's disabled so I'm his carer

  • Let’s get this dude to 2mil subs

  • I think the mom knew what he was gonna say, just she waited to hear it

  • when you hear that he brought back 21 freestyle ITs bEeN 84 YeArS

  • The principal skinner part 😂😂

  • Me: Clicks on vid. Watches the first 2 minutes. me: Jesus, jesus christ. I cant watch this anymore.

  • 1:18 Okay but who doesnt choose their mom over their gf. Mom before every other woman. tf

  • Rocking those arctic 5s

  • The song is littttt


  • I'm watching we bare bears on this channel..

  • my name is jeff

  • wait back up she said in my dead body does she want them to live in her dead body

  • No joke that old lady is legit my grandma or like any Indian old lady ya know what I’m sayin

  • 6:12 Dang Ryan, you really made me realise the sad truth of humanity there man.

  • 7:08 IM the one who brought him in the war???

  • Emily is lowkey kinda disrespectful tho she was being kinda rude but the mom is a bit childish as well

  • LiKe ThE cUt G

  • what headset is that

  • Who else found scrubby through scrubbs

  • Eat your cereal

  • my name is jeff

  • Honestly love the new hair

  • Maybe I’m weird but he should make fun of anime

  • This could be a good channel if this youtuber didn't talk so much. No wonder you don't get the views any more. Really annoying.

  • His mom is 100% a karen

  • Honestly iam confused in humanity

  • this is so Savage thing

  • Son: mom I'm moving out Mom:son your staying Son: well now im not doing it

  • What edeting program do you use scrubby?

  • I miss story times

  • tlc has weird videos and is a goldmine for commentary youtubers

  • Sup scrubby you my fav story teller! (And you're super great i at everything else)

  • Is scrubs or scrubby the real one?

  • Cmon man get to 2 mill! Congrats, on all the success! Hopefully my channel will see some...

  • Lol

  • I like the new setup

  • Homie has Alexa's on his ears

  • The intro song is fire 🔥

  • My dad didn't move out till 35 but he was only there to take care of his mom and pay the Bill's to technically she was living with him

  • How has he not hit 2mill yet

  • Hey man love the background it looks awesome blue turquoise and purple

  • I hope the girl is in an actual happy relationship now because this is not a man this is a little boy who needs his mommy and his spine is made out of jelly

  • I haven’t been watching your videos since the whole Dominic shmit thing

  • I KNOW I AM!!!!!

  • Baby moma boy

  • The most funny thing is that as Ryan gets older he gets more and more stories. He's one of the few UZfirers that can keep making videos for decades.

  • My name jeff

  • Yay you finally posted!😄 Love your new room setup bye

  • Haaaaa

  • Hi scrubby if your seeing this I just wanna say that I love your content a lot

  • kid: mom can we have tom holland mom: we have tom holland at home *tom holland at home (scrubby)*

  • Did anyone else notice his posture? I think his spine is missing.

  • I did also see the 30 years old😂😂that mans needs to dip

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  • Bro that Gfuel chair is dope

  • Wait I'm gonna be in this position if I don't like, give me a good forst

  • lol ryan finally got a haircut

  • What is the intro song

  • This mom wants him to stay. My family wants to throw me out of the house at 18

  • Who else thinks he should put Idontwanna! as his intro again

  • Karen

  • He said time works

  • My mom said when all of my siblings move out she getting wasted

  • How do I get that gaming chair scrubs cause it looks amazing

  • I have a 21 year old family member who is a little too close to my step mom.

  • #principal skinner

  • i comment on so many videos no one reply man

  • jeff is my name