That Vegan Teacher HATES Gamers Now...

Joylandi 5-Fev, 2021
So that vegan teacher replied to my last video and decided to say that I should stop playing video games so I would go vegan? Honestly I'm not too sure how they're related but its funny to say the least. I also got a little help from bumpkin to dunk on the vegan teacher tik toks so its a good video.
Intro Song:

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This is purely satire! Don’t go to these peoples channels. It’s all a joke!

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  • Ok ima be honest I really don't mind making fun of ThAt VeAgEn TeAcHeR but I feel really bad for those cow :(

  • brraaa:))))))))))))))))

  • 2:34 The intellect of a grapefruit

  • She is so cringe, it’s so hard to watch her actually talk

  • Scrubby they the vegan teacher than that she still murders because plant are living

  • Im eating meat while watching this

  • What the hell is wrong with this teacher

  • She is encouraging us not to eat meat she wants to be canibals

  • Scrubby freed all cows and destroyed the dariy farm he is a true vegan.

  • hey hEY HEY i dont care that you start going about doing dumb stuff about promoting vegan cause im a vegan myself but ONCE you start bringing up GAMING oh no you don't

  • She seems like the person to explain "16 things deaf people are tired of hearing"

  • 2:34 GRAPE FROOT

  • im going to eat some bacon 🥓 (bay con)

  • I like how she didn't even try to find out his name she just saw the video and went *constipated sounds*

  • Not gonna lie, that song she sang at the beginning was so bad I almost cried

  • Scrubby u should make a shirt that says what her shirt says and dm her a photo of u eating a big beef burger wearing the shirt:)

  • What game is that?

  • I don't do it beause like meat

  • You freaking KILLER you were some %50 responsible for the death of a human being we matter too vegan teacher.

  • It’s a good thing she’s been banned through every single social media platform! LOL

  • I’ll be vegan and then go back to gaming.

  • At least she isn’t just telling us that vegan stuff is somehow vegan.

  • You have to give respect to the vegan teacher for trying,but she is insane. Bella the dog is tortured

  • Bruh I’m sorry to hear about she’s blaming her for his death and she kinda cause it

  • i love how he is playing a game where he is yeeting cows while reacting to an animal rights activist

  • Game are you playing scrubby

  • I like how he's discussing that vegan teacher while killing cows at the same time.

  • Why don't she just shut the fu-

  • Can you tell us what games you're playing

  • So is anybody going to talk about the fact that her shirt is dropping the F bomb on it

  • fun fact: tofu has *M E A T*

  • She hates gamers? I play animal crossing every day. I’d love to see her face if she goes into my museum.

  • Is eating sh*t vegan

  • 🍗🍗🍗


  • She sounds like she’s on coke

  • Isn't only eating plants killing animals too.

  • Is she supposed to be Christian? That is NOT what TRUE Christians are like God said it was fine to eat the animals He created for us.

  • Scrubby you are the best comedy/gaming channel ever created because you roast idiots and make it fun!

  • I like how he is throwing cows around In the game while he’s talking about vegan teacher

  • Me: Eats hamburger while watching that vegan teacher. That Vegan teacher: eats a hamburger that's made of plants. Me: THAT'S AGAINST THE LAW!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The vegan teacher is barking up the wrong tree again what is next?😂

  • 8:12 ummm who EVER said they wanted long and beautiful poop? Like imagine just taking a dump and it fills the toilet up then you take a look at it and it's like a Disney princess. Meanwhile you look like the evil hag costume from Snow White.

  • People are made to eat meat look at our teeth

  • Vegan teacher insane

  • New rule Insult that vegan teacher return to gaming

  • Wat alien game is that

  • wasd

  • Thatvegantecher have a problem she is pyhco and lost of protein

  • People like this are the reason people don’t like American

  • She is disgusting

  • She needs to be canceled

  • U need iron

  • Dairy is scary for people like me. I'm lactose intolerant.

  • Hmmm so scrubby your a half vegan

  • Plants have lifes to u know

  • Him throwing cows away and hurting them Vegan Teacher after seeing this: *intense screaming*

  • Do quarters count as vegan? Cause if so I've eaten at least 5

  • "You have done an oral presentation" what, did you expect me to do an anal presentation?

  • The dislikes are the vegan karens

  • She has 7 tabs open on my computer. Thats more than me and I go to school

  • That vegan teacher won't sort out her crap

  • She's fucking crazy, you killed that kid because she doesn't teach them how to be vegan, she just tells you to be vegan

  • I'm a Roblox bacon hair, we wear bacon hair ! 🥓✊ Bacon hair for life

  • * me singing along to the opening song * *no one has to be vegan if they don’t want to we don’t sit on our games all day try getting into a video game for once in your life*

  • Oh bumpkin ur also trapped in a basement my kidnapper gave me a tablet

  • Being vegan

  • And I am never

  • that vegan teacher can you shut up!!!!!

  • Legendary battle: ThatVeganTeacher vs Karen

  • Plot twist: that vegan teacher was tricked by saying this is a tofu burger

  • Her mouth is so broken all she says is sh*t words Yeets.

  • I don't like where this is going


  • I don’t want to do it vegan though

  • Uhhh that teacher is gross

  • Everyone: cool video Me: *wondering what game is he playing*

  • The song at the beginning made my ears bleed... And I wish I was joking

  • The reason she has beef with us gamers is bc our divine holy food of the gaming gods is chicken nuggies and choccy milk also im pretty sure if dont milk cows they start to get uncomfortable. My older brother cant eat meat bc he has a health problem

  • How does this woman have 50k subs

  • omnivore

  • Pull the POOP out of your BUTT? What does that have to do with vegan

  • What game was bumpkin playing

  • Yo dream or technoblade should roast this vegan monster

  • what the freak is she even talking about broooooo

    • 8:31 I was eating you god damn vegan teacher didn't need to know that

  • She is so annoying!

  • 1:20 being a new student like

  • I'm going to bleach my soul and eyes

  • It’s funny how he is destroying a caddle farm in the game. That’s going to trigger TVT pretty bad. 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • video:at 168 dislikes me:i know what i have to do but i dont know if i have the strength to do it

  • Hor

  • Shut the f up hot and you fight a 3 million pound and 4 tusked mammoth

  • I love bumpkins voice

  • She sounds like a hyperactive 4 year old

  • If I start my gaming yt channel I will hat u I mean the vegan teacher

  • That Vegan Teacher Sucks

  • What game is this?

  • what is the gameplay

  • When you buy that shirt you have to paint the "n't" from "aren't" black so that there stands "why the f*ck are you vegan?"